Rebecca & Jessie (11/5/11)

We love late-Autumn weddings! 

When Rebecca & Jessie came to us asking us to be their wedding photographers – we were thrilled!  Fall is our favorite season, and we have really enjoyed working over at Hillside Country Club in Rehoboth, Massachusetts every opportunity we’ve gotten!  (Rudy, Steve & Jeannette do a terrific job!)

The only challenge when photographing late-Autumn weddings is the amount of available light you’ll have to take wedding formals.  After Daylight Savings, early November weddings have light until only about 5:15/5:30pm.  Rebecca & Jessie had selected a 5:00pm ceremony time, but we were up to the challenge!

Rebecca & Jessie’s day was one of the most unique and fun we’ve had this season!  We met up with Rebecca & Jessie before the ceremony, separately (one of the advantages to having two photographers!) and had some pre-ceremony fun!  We then assembled in the ballroom for 5:00pm to an intimate ceremony surrounded by family, friends about 125 guests. 

After the ceremony, we were delighted to find that the Hillside CC crew had set up golf carts for us, and the bride & groom!  We throttled across the greens to the ‘burning bush’ on the fifth hole!    After creating some romantic moments together, we raced back to the ballroom where Rebecca & Jessie stormed into their reception, and partied all night long!  Needless to say, this may have been THE party of the season!   We danced all night from dinner to past midnight!

We loved being part of your special day, Rebecca & Jessie!

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